How to buy and sell fifa 15 players which you could get more FIFA coins? Here we would share you the best players in Bundesliga.


There’s Neuer and… well, there’s no one else. That doesn’t mean nobody uses Adler or some other goalkeeper, it’s just that everyone wants Neuer, he’s way ahead the concurrence and his price is very high, yet not prohibitive. So that’s why he’s the man you’ll always want keep in your radar, don’t hesitate to buy him when his price falls during one of these crashes.


We’ve got Lukasz Piszczek. The other ones are below him, and since his price is very accessible (around 10K) he’s certain to be a good investment, with quick and guaranteed return. You shouldn’t lose any coins at all because the remaining RBs are very weak and they all cost around 800 coins (bargains). Besides he’s got an IF, so everyone buys him and waits until they have enough coins for the IF.


Alaba has no concurrence. Everyone wants him, but costing around 50K he’s a bit expensive. There are two IF LBs cheaper than him, but again they don’t get near Bayern’s left-back. Since he doesn’t have a concurrent you may buy him all you want and you’ll manage to sell easily with profit (as long as you buy in the right moment, of course).


I won’t point out anyone here because there isn’t an absolute preference for the position, while there’s Hummels, Boateng, Benatia and others, there are many CBs on similar levels. Some prefer one and others prefer another, so the demand doesn’t concentrate at all and I’ll just choose not to buy anyone.

From now on the picture changes a bit because we have several position changing possibilities. Centre-backs are just centre-backs and the same goes for the right-backs, left-backs and goalkeepers, but a CDM can become even a striker, a LM can become LW or LF and vice-versa, so it’s important to consider that if there isn’t a decent LM out there, you can use a LW instead and so it goes on.


Although there’s Lahm that everyone likes, I don’t buy anyone from here to make trades. And there’s even the fact that he wasn’t the chosen one for the starting eleven in our Bundelisga guide. For that reason I choose to stay away from any deals that concern these positions in the Bundesliga, except if I bump into an undeniable opportunity of course.


We’ve got Ribery and Reus in here, they’re safe investment, but very expensive, Reus costs around 100K and Ribery, 200K. Ribery stays in my astronomical prices list, and Reus, sincerely I don’t think he should cost all that, therefore sometimes I’m afraid his price ends up falling to never rising again. Besides that, there’s no other great potential investment, so I end up not investing in this area, I would if I could buy Ribery, but then I would run out of money to diversify my investments, and I’d rather not.


There’s Robben but he’s just out of my league since his regular card costs over 400K. Besides him we’ve got a few good players but no favourite. Thomas Muller is an excellent shooter, Aubameyang’s pace is just ridiculous and there are others who aren’t bad, so the buyers don’t really have a preference and that makes me not want to invest in this area either.


The object of desire is Lewandowski. You can have Adrian Ramos, Huntelaar or Immobile, they’re all good players, but everyone wants Lewandowski. Costing 80K he’s in my radar, whenever his price falls I buy and it’s guaranteed profit. In this position there’s no one near him. In the end, our list of Bundesliga players for constant observation is:

– Neuer

– Piszczek

– Alaba

– Lewandowski.